The Contemplators  2013-Present

Corinna Nicole, The Gallery Critics

In The Contemplators, I explore the body language of viewing and contemplating art. How do we look at art? We examine the finer details by leaning our neck forward and sinking into our shoulders. We step back to take an entire image in, innately tilting our head. One arm crosses our torso, its wrist tucked under the elbow of the other arm, with hand to chin as we study the art before us. Perhaps without knowing, we become art critics as we analyze each work of art’s meaning and execution.


While viewing my paintings of people looking at art, I encourage the observer to inject their own experience of looking at art, possibly in real time. Do you find yourself imitating the body language within the art? Perhaps you insert yourself into the painting and imagine the art that is being examined. Even further, you might envision yourself becoming the subject of a painting in which you are pondering the painting that is before you at this very moment. As a result, viewing the paintings within the series becomes an act of self-awareness.