Corinna Nicole, CID

Certified Interior Decorator

With a background in fine art and a personal love for interior decorating, Corinna Nicole brings pure passion, enthusiasm and creativity to transforming a space.

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The Esha House

2017 - Present

An ongoing project, because this is my home.


I became a 1st time home-owner in May 2017. I could not WAIT to transform this house into my home. The first thing I did was repaint every single wall in color schemes I spent hours deciding on. Covering up the unappealing tannish-yellow walls gave me a sense of pleasure I cannot describe. In choosing the decor and "feel" of my home, I wanted to create a space that I could completely relax in, while also inspiring awe, creativity, and connection.

One of the things I've loved most about owning my home is the never-ending list of projects. Even more so, some of the projects have become opportunities to bond with my Dad as his handyman skill-set often comes in, well, handy.

Home is not just a place you decorate. Your home designs the way you live, the way you connect, the way you love.

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