In the series titled Murmurations, I am inspired by the intricate and entrancing imagery that flocks of Starlings unintentionally paint across the sky. Similar to a school of fish, a murmuration serves as a form of protection for the hundreds of tiny birds that fly together. Each Starling shadows seven of its nearest neighbors. To the human eye, however, they are performing mesmerizing dances while creating visual works of art.


In a sort of meditative manner, the “flocks” in my murmuration series develop through stippling, a technique used to create patterns through varying degrees of small dots. There are no clearly defined birds; rather, hundreds of specks morph to create the elaborate shapes found in each of my drawings or paintings. Through the use of landscape, some of the works in the series more readily tell the narrative of birds flying, while other works are completely stripped of additional information, leaving only an abstracted body of dots for the viewer to interpret.

Murmurations  2012-Present

Corinna Nicole, Murmurations

Trailing Off

Watercolor and ink on wood panel

10x10 inches